• Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker battery function

With the continuous development of intelligent products, Bluetooth headset has become an indispensable electronic product in people’s hands. Brushing video, listening to music, watching movies and learning online, using portable and high-quality Bluetooth headset can not only bring better user experience, but also an auditory feast.

Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker batteries

In order to improve the user’s wearing experience, the volume is reduced, the capacity is larger, and the standby time is longer. Special shaped batteries and curved batteries can even be customized according to the needs.

Green environmental protection

Environmentally friendly, pollution-free, known as the green battery

Wide working temperature range

Working temperature – 40 ℃~ + 80 ℃

Long and durable

After 500 cycles, the capacity retention rate is more than 85%

Safe and reliable

No explosion, no fire in destructive experiment


Safety protection, function integration, small size, low power consumption, precise fit.

Bluetooth Speaker1

Bluetooth Speaker2

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